Albuquerque voters to decide on nation’s first municipal abortion ban

Voters in Albuquerque, N.M., on Tuesday will vote on an initiative that would ban abortion at 20 weeks with only narrowly defined exceptions for the health and life of the woman. It is the first-ever abortion restriction introduced at the municipal level, a strategy antiabortion activists may consider replicating elsewhere if their efforts in Albuquerque are successful.The effort to ban abortion at 20 weeks in Albuquerque is being led by Bud and Tara Shaver, two antiabortion activists who moved from Kansas to New Mexico with the goal of trying to shutter the Southwestern Women’s Options clinic, one of the last few remaining late-term abortion providers in the country.Julianna Koob, legislative advocate for Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, told Reuters that the fate of access in her city will have ramifications for women in the region and around the country. "Because access has been so severely impacted in other cities, women do depend on the clinics here to pursue these safe medical procedures when they are facing some really heartbreaking decisions," she said.Continue Reading…

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